What happens when a lemonade-crazed New Yorker meets a jalapeno-loving Texan? The result is a lemonade with some serious kick. Follow our weekly chronicles as we attempt to turn our business school idea into reality.

Saturday, May 06, 2006

Hot off the press...

Rafi and I just handed in our 37 page marketing plan for Austin DrinkWorks and think it's pretty solid (shameless plug). We graduate in 13 days and have a ton of Disorientation events planned between now and then. We are going to meet with the Austin Chronicle on Monday to find out more details about participating in the Austin Hot Sauce Festival in August. We need to book time in a commercial kitchen in Austin, produce labels, order raw materials and packaging, and sell, sell, sell. The critical piece of the puzzle is complete - identifying our target markets and learning as much about them as possible. Our first flavor will be an all-natural, low-sugar spiced lemonade with mint and jalapeno. We have lots of other cool flavor ideas to follow targeted to Mexicans between the ages of 10 and 39 and a group of people we call "Experiencers." So stay tuned...


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