What happens when a lemonade-crazed New Yorker meets a jalapeno-loving Texan? The result is a lemonade with some serious kick. Follow our weekly chronicles as we attempt to turn our business school idea into reality.

Monday, February 06, 2006

Making Progress

Dan and I are steadily making progress. We contacted a glass bottle distributor (We've settled on glass vs. plastic) as well as a local bottler here in Austin. We have also started shopping around for food product insurance, which we will hopefully never need to use. We have also made contact with the school of advertising here at the University of Texas where we hope to find some enthusiastic students willing to help us create labels. Do you have ideas for labels? E-mail us!

As far as bottles go, there are several things we are thinking about. We want a bottle that will be different than the standard "Snapple" bottle, but we also need to use a bottle that won't cause any problems for our future bottler and retailers (hopefully!). If we go with an unusual bottle, not only will it likely be more expensive, it will also make life more difficult for the bottler, as their assembly line may need to be modified specifically for us. When we are running tens of thousands of bottles, maybe, but being that we are just getting started, we want to make it as easy as possible.


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