What happens when a lemonade-crazed New Yorker meets a jalapeno-loving Texan? The result is a lemonade with some serious kick. Follow our weekly chronicles as we attempt to turn our business school idea into reality.

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

It is official...

We have filed our company name - Austin DrinkWorks LLC - with the Texas Secretary of State and are in business...well, sort of...We are in the process of designing a questionnaire for a focus group that we will hold in the next few weeks. We need to hammer down our target segment and identify characteristics of our potential buyers. A focus group will provide us with some great primary data on the Austin market.

Our goal is to launch our first drink in August at the Austin Hot Sauce Festival. Last year there were roughly 12,000 people who ventured out in the 100 degree heat to taste hundreds of hot sauces from all over. We think this will be a great venue to launch, but want to confirm our hunch with some real data.

Right now Rafi and I are working on some homemade batches of jalapeno/mint and ginger/mint lemonade to use as tests before we make some for the focus group.


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